parlor [pahr-ler]
1. Older Use. a room for the reception and entertainment of visitors to one's home; living room.
2. a room, apartment, or building serving as a place of business for certain businesses or professions:
funeral parlor; beauty parlor.
3. a somewhat private room in a hotel, club, or the like for relaxation, conversation, etc.; lounge.


Welcome to new Parlor! Initially conceived as a beauty blog with a few beauty-related crafts and recipes, I’ve expanded to include other interests. I’m excited to share DIY fashion and home projects and tutorials, as well as other creative endeavors.

I am a licensed cosmetologist, meaning I have been trained to work as a hairstylist, colorist, nail tech, and makeup artist. In addition to being a beauty aficionado, I’m an avid crafter, artist, and mom. In my work life, I have been a photographer, mural painter, public programs educator for a textile museum, faux finisher, art school fundraiser, hairstylist, beauty blogger, and illustrator. I have a lot of passions and life is too short to limit oneself.

While most of my family is creatively inclined, the biggest influence in my life was my grand uncle, who is an amazing artist and former art professor. He inspired me to study art in college, where I focused on painting, drawing, and photography. I later went to beauty school to learn new ways to express my creative side. Along the way, I taught myself how to sew, knit, and craft, wishing I had taken better advantage of my grandmother’s vast expertise in these subjects. No matter what the medium, I’m happiest when I’m making something – whether it’s an updo or a knit blanket or a piece of fine art.

Thanks for joining me in my virtual parlor!

Need an illustrator? Have a question or request? Contact me at sonya [at] parlordiary.com.

The opinions and views expressed in this blog are my own. I like to keep it positive around here so I only review products that I like.